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 Hello guys! It's been quite a while since I shared any review,  right? Don't worry I am back and this time with something really cool - I need to introduce you to the brand called Appearanzinternational online platform who provide us with fashion conscious to the ever-changing needs for eye beauty and committed to providing vegan, organic and cruelty-free quality products at appealing prices and professional service to every user in the world. 

Cool logo, right?

The brand offers various range of beauty products and wigs but my main product which I wanted to focus on today are LASHES. 

Can you spot the difference on a picture above? I am amazed and using their lashes really makes a natural but noticeable enough effect. The false lashes add the look and drama and create the shape of the eyes. They draw attention towards the eyes and away from anything else on your face; you don’t want those people to look. If you are allergic to mascara, false lashes could be the best alternative. Your overall look may transform completely by simply applying false lashes. 

False eyelashes are just amazing because they enhance the beauty of the eyes and finally change the whole look. A decent pair of lashes can improve your overall look and make you look better. You can also apply mascara but fake eyelashes are comparatively bold. 

False eyelashes come in various styles, forms, types, and shapes. To cater to the taste of women worldwide, the fashion industry is increasing the range of available styles and looks in fake eyelashes. These lashes range from casual to bold and you can buy one depending on your taste and the occasion you will attend. The wide variety in false eyelashes attracts the women to buy the best one of their choice, which meets their style requirements and needs. A different eyelash can give a completely different look to the wear but I really recommend you to visit their website, read and choose your perfect pair of new eyelashes :)

Are you a fan of Appearanz, yet?
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