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 Hi guys! It's been a while since I introduced you to a new webiste (for me it's new but you might know it already - I hope so). I've realized that lately I've been shopping mostly on WHOLESALE7 just because everything's there so cheap and in a good quality. 

As you know my mother is a little bit bigger then me for Christmas this year I decided to buy her a workout outfit which I am obsessed with :

Pretty great. right? Wholesale plus size clothing is so popular these days and if that's something you're interested on the website you have so many clothes too chose for yourself or someone special. 

Last week, Anna Wintour, Vogue editor in chief, stunned many fashionistas by posting a photo of her work-from-home outfit: a Breton top and joggers. For context, during an otherwise breezy online Q+A session held last July, the air turned decidedly frosty when a fan piped up with: “Hey Anna! Do you wear sweatpants?” Wintour replied with a stern: “No!” followed by a dramatic pause but in real life she did! So if Anna can wear sweatpants so can you :) 

There's a lot of cheap online clothing stores but for me Wholesale7 is my absolute favourite. 

That's all my propositions ! Now I would like you to tell me which one is your favourite! Let's the game begin :)

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