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Hi guys! So I am writing today about something connected to workout which I am obsessed about lately! 
I found out about bodyshapers thanks to Kardashian's family (haha) but I discovered that it really helps to get better body! I am on a lockdown so I have a loooot of time to check different websites but recently I found out Shapellx and I am obsessed with it.  Founded in 2019, the brand helps women rediscover their inner beauty. They are driven to provide a premium collection of products and pride ourselves on exceptional customer experiences. Fashion should be for everyone, no matter what age, shape or size you are. Striving for inclusivity, we make comfortable, trendy clothing that allows customers to feel their best, all the time.
- I am not plus size but my mum is so I introduced her to plus size waist trainer 

This one is my favourite and I am obsessed with it, so is my mum but there's so many more options! What do you think of my choice? 

- Have you ever heard about thong shapewear bodysuit? LOOK;

This Backless Thong Bodysuit was made to free you to focus on the sublime, and forget about the material. Throw any complicated dress into the equation and this super low back, seamless thong bodysuit will create a matchless solution more elegant than you ever expected. Did you ever tried it? If not you're gonna fall in love, I promise you! 

- Shapelxx waist
 has so much to offer and I want to know your opinion ! 

How awesome is to be inspired to help women find shapewear clothing that accentuates their most attractive traits, including the unique beauty that radiates from within.. Striving for inclusivity, they make comfortable, trendy clothing that allows our customers to feel their best, all the time.

Also you reline it's Black Friday this week right? Let me know if I convinced and

what did you order in the comment section below :) 

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