Varichair Review

Thursday, 23 February 2017 - No comments
I just recently purchased the Varichair and was super excited for it’s arrival. I have had great experiences with other Varidesk related items and because of this I had high hopes! I already own a couple of similar stools and I was looking forward to comparing them.
The Varichair was delivered on a very timely manner (just like most Varidesk products are) and it arrived fully assembled. All I had to do was just take it out of it’s box, which was great.
It is pretty simple looking, nothing really special about the appearance (that’s not why I purchased it). I set it up in-front of my Varidesk Pro Plus 36. It was a little awkward at first (might be more awkward if it’s your first time trying out a sit-stand stool). But after a little while I actually started liking it quite a bit.
I really like using the Varichair when it is extended so that I can use it to lean on. I like to move a lot, so rocking back and and forth on the stool is awesome.
I don’t like sitting down on the Varichair and using it as if it were a normal chair. It isn’t that comfortable when you are only using it for sitting.
I have been using this stool everyday since I received it. Once you get the hang of it, it is pretty awesome.

The Varichair is a great addition to the office if you already own a sit-stand desk or are thinking of purchasing one. Do I think it is necessary to have? No. It is more of a “want” then a “need”.
I would suggest purchasing a sit-stand desk before buying this product!
People who love to fidget at their desk would really love this product. It facilitates movement and increases your overall activity throughout the day. After a long day at work you will notice that your back doesn’t take nearly the same beating as it would from a regular chair.
The Varichair was made specifically to help people stay active and maintain good posture while working at a desk. I’m sure we all have fallen victim to some kind of awful sitting posture once in our lifetime, it’s not a hard thing to do! Varichair was designed to engage your leg,back and core muscles so that you are no longer stagnant at the desk.
Just like a sit-stand desk would enable you to either sit or stand, the Varichair allows you to either sit or lean.

The Varichair back cushion helps promote good posture and acts as a weighted base to make sure the chair stays in one spot while you are moving.

What do you think? Would you consider buying VeriChair?

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