FlexiSpot Desk Review

Monday, 9 January 2017 - No comments
The FlexiSpot is a desktop sit/stand workstation, meaning that it rests on top of an existing desk and provides adjustable elevation for monitors, keyboards, and other computing paraphernalia. You use it in its lowest position while seated and then raise it up to a comfortable working height when you’re standing.
 It comes in black and white, and it’s compatible with monitor mounts for getting an even more ergonomic viewing angle. I had a pleasure to try out the 27'' version. 
How does this thing work as an actual standing desk, though? I’ve been loving it so far. I don’t exactly want to be standing for eight hours a day, but I also don’t want to be sitting for that long, so the easy transitions between sitting and standing really makes this ideal for me
o have the best posture, its said that one’s elbows should lie flat with the typing surface and they should be able to look straight ahead. Unfortunately, I’m 6’4″ (about 190cm), so finding a standing desk that can do that for me is a rarity. The FlexiSpot comes very close. My elbows fall just about an inch above the keyboard stand, though I still find it comfortable to use both with my laptop on top or with an external keyboard and mouse on the stand.
This product is very well made. Very sturdy even when the top is fully lifted. Raising and lowering the desktop is extremely easy and smooth. I can even lean against the top when working on the computer.
The structure and levers are very well made, sturdy and simple to adjust.  Most amazing is that I am not as tired by the end of the day and my neck and back not as stressed from sitting all day. For those considering a work space for both sitting and standing I say go for it. I'm glad I did. Are you going to invest in FlexiSpot?

I don't know if you read my review of VeriDesk before but I really like the FlexiSpot better because you have a special desk for keyboard which is very helpful. 
The FlexiSpot standing desk may not be the cheapest rig out there at $376, but it’s a simple, easy solution for those who already have a sitting desk that they like. The quick transition from sitting to standing is extremely useful so that you don’t get stuck in one position for too long. Personally, I’ve really enjoyed it.

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