The ARTea at Lancaster London

Friday, 2 December 2016 - 9 comments
Last week my photographer and I visited Lancaster London for their new themed afternoon tea, ARTea
Arriving at the four-star Lancaster London Hotel, we were greeted by Mabrur, a waiter whose impeccable knowledge of the culinary delights we were about to receive was informative without being overbearing. Once seated in the hotel’s lounge bar, surrounded by the work of local and international artists on the walls, we studied the menu, which was artistically presented on canvas on an easel. Starting our afternoon tea experience with a pop, we indulged in a glass of the summertime Pommery Champagne – a fruity blend that was perfect for the occasion.
Sandwiches were tastefully presented in an art box. What could have been unexciting fare was given lots of amusing twists and the salmon sandwiches and the beef in particular were very tasty. Once completed, you are given the chance to ask for repeats of anything so of course we indulged in a second round of the warm tartlet of English asparagus with tarragon – too small to hurt your waistline, I’m pretty sure – but has a great melt in your mouth quality due to its buttery pastry.
Next we were delighted with the choices of desserts. Sweet treats included a strawberry and rosewater pannacotta and a lavender eclair painted with white chocolate. The macaroon filled with hazelnut mousse was our favourite, but the lemon meringue tart topped with a rice paper piece of edible art was a close second.The best part was that the clotted cream and jam came in paint tubes. This was a lot of fun to use and even better to eat after I had created my very own masterpiece! The scones were fresh from the kiln, and arrived alongside two 30ml paint tubes that were filled with strawberry jam and clotted cream.The tea selection was really extensive with explanations of all the effects on your mind and body. We decided to try the jasmine and the Darjeeling tea which had a very delicate flavour and I enjoyed it very much. We were invited to taste any flavour we wanted to but after a feast of Champagne and teatime dishes we had no need for more.
The service proved an equal match for the food: the staff were very friendly yet polite and also very attentive. They explained everything from why particular paintings are displayed on the walls to every single component of the dishes.
The best selling point about the Lancaster London Hotel is that you are not rushed. Once at our table we took our time and left when we were ready.
Overall the ARTea at the Lancaster London is a delightful, modernised afternoon tea that is sure to be enjoyed by art enthusiasts and cake lovers alike. Prices start from £35.00. For further details and booking requests head to


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