Call me a liar

Monday, 26 December 2016 - 8 comments
 I lied when I told you I have enough of wearing a pink colours, here we are again. This time I was inspired by the jacket from VII&Co. and I decided to add more accessories in the shade of the lining.
+ How do you like it my fluffy choker? It's perfect for this time of the year, you can get yours from Kerenika with %10 off discoud code milexxx (till 31st January)

Hat - SammyDress // Jacket - VII&Co/ // Top - CutCuutur// Shorts - CutCuutur // Boots - Buffalo // Choker - Kerenika (10%off with the code milexxx)
pics by Patryk Spiker


  1. So cool! Love the pink touch!

  2. I like your face, you are very handsome :)

  3. SUPERB look!

  4. There's something very Medici Florentine about your head & shoulders. However in Picture 6 you have adopted a pose that Regency English gentlemen called "making a leg" to attract the eye of ladies of fashion. I sense there is an anti-Brexit subtext to this post...