The Penclic D2 Mouse and K2 Keyboard // Posturite

Thursday, 10 November 2016 - No comments
Recently I had a pleasure to test the Penclic D2 Mouse andThe Penclic K2 Keyboard from Posturite.
The Penclic Mouse combines the design of a pen with the functionality of a high-precision computer mouse, offering a more efficient and comfortable mouse solution. The Penclic Mouse provides superior navigation and a natural, relaxed working position for your hand with its unique ergonomic pen-grip, helping to prevent wrist twisting, hand cramping and pain caused by most mice. The Penclic is a high-precision mouse, as the cursor feels like a natural extension of your fingertip and hand movements, allowing for a more advanced, efficient, and healthier user experience that helps increase productivity

.The K2 keyboard is designed for both looks and ergonomics. The keyboard is not quite what would be normally considered full size but is equally not a mini-keyboard. Once I’d adjusted to the slight decrease in size I found it very comfortable to use – and I have quite large hands. The reduction in size has mainly been achieved by reducing the space between keys, removing the num-pad and by shrinking the non-alphabetic keys leaving the main touch typing area untouched.

Would you like to give it a try? Just go to Postutite Website!

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