Varidesk Review

Wednesday, 24 July 2019 - 2 comments
The posture in which most of us spend the bulk of our day has been linked to every life-threatening malady from heart disease to diabetes to cancer. One study found those who sat 8-11 hours a day had a 15 percent higher chance of dying within three years than those who sat less than 4. And that’s to say nothing of the risk for chronic postural problems and overuse injuries.

Because most of our sitting is done in the workplace, a popular tool to combat this deadly habit has been the sit-stand desk, which allows you to vary your posture (it’s said that the best posture is one that’s always changing) and reduce sedentary time. The problem is they’re expensive, frequently complex, and not every workplace offers one as an option.

The Varidesk is a compelling alternative: a height-adjustable platform that sits on your “fixed” desk.

This product is very well made. Very sturdy even when the top is fully lifted. Raising and lowering the desktop is extremely easy and smooth. I can even lean against the top when working on the computer.
The structure and levers are very well made, sturdy and simple to adjust. I also downloaded the app for reminding me to change position and to indicated the amount of calories burned while standing. Most amazing is that I am not as tired by the end of the day and my neck and back not as stressed from sitting all day. For those considering a work space for both sitting and standing I say go for it. I'm glad I did. Are you going to invest in Varidesk?


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